Partner with us

” We invite both businesses and individuals to support our activities. For a summary of our activities, and for transfer methods, have a look at the following document, or write to us at


Saint Ann Foundation mission changes lives. By supporting our work, your business can make a tangible, positive impact on the lives of vulnerable people in Uganda. Partnering with us also makes business sense by:

  • Motivating and inspiring your staff
  • Demonstrating corporate social responsibility to your customers
  • Reducing your tax bill
  • Building your reputation as a business that cares about the community.

Ways your organisation can get involved with Saint Ann Foundation mission:

  • provide financial support through corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs
  • pro bono support
  • gifts in kind
  • sponsorship opportunities
  • awareness raising activities
  • event partnerships
  • promotion and marketing support
  • invite staff or clients to workplace awareness activities
  • promote Saint Ann Foundation Mission’s work on your organisations website, intranet and in internal communications
  • host a fundraising event or function
  • Whether your business is large or small, you can make a difference to the lives of the people we support. Contact us to find out more.

Fundraise for us


Why fundraise for us? 

There are children, women, youth and families in Uganda, living in disadvantage, right now. This means they are living in poverty, without a place to call home, with serious illness, a disability or without basic education or an income. We want to fix this. We want to make the lives of these people better. We want them to live the life they want.


How to fundraise

Fundraise for us and change the lives of those living in disadvantage in Uganda. You can do pretty much anything to raise money for Saint Ann Foundation – hold a PJ day, run a race, hold a bake sale, give up your bed for a night or do something quirky!

How it works

Choose how you would like to raise money

Here are some ideas for how you might like to fundraise.

  • Do a fun run or run a marathon
  • Pledge your birthday – ask people to make a donation instead of giving you a gift
  • Sleep out overnight with a group of friends or family and experience what it might be like to be homeless for a night
  • Hold a morning or afternoon tea
  • Put together an Art Exhibition
  • Run a benefit gig or performance
  • Host a karaoke night and charge a fee at the door
  • Hold a fashion show or ladies night
  • Cook up a storm with a sausage sizzle
  • Host a movie night – highest bidder gets to decide the movies you watch
  • Run a team building challenge at work
  • Challenge your friends to a trivia night
  • Hold a gala dinner or ball