Saint Ann Foundation (SAF) is a Non-Government Volunteer Organization in Uganda and 501(C)3 under internal Revenue Service (IRS) (EIN#:83-0652651) established for purposes of improving lives of vulnerable children, adolescent girls and young women (AGYW). SAF implements the following programs; Early Childhood Development, Women Empowerment, Culture, Arts/Performing Arts and Sports, Child Protection and Rights, Health Education, Water and Sanitation Food Security and Nutrition, Adolescent girls and Young women and Disability Inclusion.

Our Volunteering Mission;

Volunteering and community engagement empowers people to change the world from the grassroots up, especially when enabled by partnerships at every level. Volunteer at Saint Ann Foundation is the project specifically made to facilitate these engagements by connecting internationals from around the world to volunteer with local non-profit organizations in and support both in creating positive change through volunteering.

Saint Ann Foundation Volunteer has been working along side International volunteers since inception in 2016. We have hosted volunteers from around the world (Ireland, Austria, Uk, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, china, Ecuador, among others) This network has helped Saint Ann Foundation to broaden its activities to different communities with the help of Volunteers.

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